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We are all just waiting… some are planning trips this summer, mostly driving, some to Mexico or the Caribbean. It’s just that things can change so fast, and you never know when a state or a country is going to enact another 14-day quarantine period. Right now, it’s not looking good for travel to Europe in 2020. Makes your head spin! But the time will come when we will feel safe to travel again, and boy, will we be ready! Meanwhile, I have spent some time going through old photographs and journals from past trips. It is nice to be able to remember some good times that way! Many of my travel suppliers have been sending videos of travel sites, or speakers who are experts in ancient history, or singers who embody the culture of a place. Some have sent recipes of food they serve on their tours or cruises. I tried the Spanish Tortilla last night, from Backroads. It was delicious and gave me a little taste of another place! The time will come. I can’t wait!