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It’s that time of year to hurry up and wait.  Due to weather and heavily booked flights, delays become more prevalent around the holidays.  My best advice to to arrive at the airport early, get through all the check-in lines and TSA, and then enjoy a good book while you wait for your flight to depart.  Airports have improved immensely over the years as well, with high end shops and quality eateries.  Maybe plan to arrive way early and then have a leisurely lunch before boarding.  Not only will this make for a more relaxing day all around, you won’t have to eat your sandwich or salad squeezed between your seatmates while flying. Assuring you have TSA pre-check on your boarding pass is another way to ease airport stress.  Check out our website for links on how to become a Trusted Traveler,, or give us a call. Arrive early, bring a book, relax, and have a great holiday season!