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Wallowing in the Pandemic

We are all just waiting… some are planning trips this summer, mostly driving, some to Mexico or the Caribbean. It’s just that things can change so fast, and you never know when a state or a country is going to enact another 14-day quarantine period. Right now, it’s...

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What to do?

What to do?  Shall I cancel, shall I go? I can't answer that for you, but I will provide some links to some information regarding the COVID-19, the coronavirus that is taking over the headlines these days.  Most companies are allowing for free changes or cancellations...

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Real ID is getting real!

Real ID has been talked about for years now (actually, for 15 years, since the law was enacted in 2005 following 9/11.) The time has finally come.  In October of this year, REAL ID will be required to fly, as well as to enter any U.S. federal building or park. A U.S....

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Now’s the time to enjoy some hot chocolate

I recently read an article (and posted it on Facebook) about the top 5 places to get hot chocolate in Paris!  Until I'd seen the article, I had thought the only worthwhile purveyor of Parisian hot chocolate was Angelina's. Located on the rue de Rivoli, right alongside...

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Hurry up and wait!

It's that time of year to hurry up and wait.  Due to weather and heavily booked flights, delays become more prevalent around the holidays.  My best advice to to arrive at the airport early, get through all the check-in lines and TSA, and then enjoy a good book while...

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Holiday Travel Advice

  Holiday travel can be stressful.  Here are a few tips gathered by our agency's consortium, Travel Leaders Network: Arrive at the airport early. The roads and parking areas will be congested. Pack light.  If possible, carry on your luggage.  If you must check your...

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What’s next with luggage???

First, the airlines started charging for checked bags (remember when the first TWO bags were free?!) Then, everyone started carrying their bags onboard and stowing them in the overhead compartment. Then some of the low-cost carriers started charging for carry-ons,...

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Skip airport lines

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Members enter the United States through automatic kiosks at select airports. At airports, program...

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